Pocket Stories

Printable PDFs:

Instructions for Printing the Pocket Stories

Pocket Stories are formatted with a 1/4" full page margin. Please adjust your printer accordingly so that after printing, the pages can be cut into equal fourths and bound by single ring, double punch and string, or spiral bound at the top. The 1/4" margin keeps each quarter-page centered after cutting the page into equal fourths. If you don't care whether each pocket story is centered after cutting, then the typical 1/2" default printer margin should be fine.

The front cover and divider pages are included as a separate document so that they can be printed in a different color than the stories to help make finding the separate sections easier. Each story is clearly labeled and in order so that the reader can easily tell in which section it belongs. The story section has 23 pages; the cover and divider section has 2 pages.

There are 7 internal sections and a front cover:

  • River Crossing
  • Willie Meadow
  • Rocky Ridge
  • Buried in Rock Creek
  • Martin's Cove
  • Married Rescuers & Other Love Stories
  • Miracles & Inspired Preparation

Laminating the pages after printing will help keep your pocket stories protected from the dust and mud of the trail, but it is certainly not required.

Primary Sources for these pocket stories are Tell My Story, Too by Jolene Allphin; The Price We Paid, by Andrew Olsen; and Selected Stories for Youth Pioneer Treks compiled by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and distributed by the missionaries at the Mormon Historic Handcart Sites in Wyoming. If the text of the pocket story is in italic print, the story is a direct quote from the source listed.

If you have corrections, comments or suggestions for improvement, please send feedback via the email address at the bottom of this page. Compiling these stories for the youth of the Colorado Springs North Stake and for the incredible Mas & Pas who give so much in support of the Trek. Thank you to all who helped make them possible. Enjoy!