Important Dates

 Date Information Location
 February 22 Registration packet and first $35 payment due to ward N/A
 March 15 Second $35 payment due to ward N/A
 April 19 Final $35 payment due to ward N/A
 June 20 Stake Preparation Hike TBD
 July 18 Super Saturday, 3:00pm - 7:00pmBlack Forest Chapel (6950 Shoup Road)
 July 19-22 The Trek
Trek Fireside - Sunday, 19 July, 9:30pm
Depart for Wyoming - After the fireside
Return from Wyoming - 22 July, evening
 CSNS Stake Center (8710 Lexington Drive)
 August 15 Trek Family Reunion, 6:00pm
 Regional Dance, 7:30pm
  CSNS Stake Center (8710 Lexington Drive)